When making the decision to buy a home, it can be tough to decide between project home builders Sydney. With so many different builders, technical jargon plus much more, here are our top 5 tips for finding your perfect project home builder.

    1. Look at all the homes they build, not just display homes – As beautiful as display homes are they filled with furniture and are designed to be the best of the best. Look at recently completed projects on their social media or simply ask for their previous work so you can see their workmanship.
    2. Customisations to your new home – Found a floorplan but need to change a wall? Move a door? Make sure your project home builders Sydney allow you to do customizations within your home.
    3. What are your inclusions? – Look at what the standard inclusions are for each builder, do they align with what you want in your new home? Write a list of what is a must-have in your new home.
    4. Can they fit you into your timeline? – Look at when your land registers and when you’d ideally like to move into your new home. Find out how their building process works and how their building timeline is looking to see if you’ll fit into their schedule.
    5. What is their reputation? – Research what are the positives of every builder, speak to consultants and ensure that whoever you’re building with is someone you 100% trust in.

The home building process is like no other purchase, you’ll be with your project home builders Sydney for months on end, so make sure you pick the builder who suits you best to ensure you’re happy with your brand new home!

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