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Looking to make an investment in property? We have solutions that are easy, simple and allow you to focus on growing your portfolio in the most succinct way possible.

From house and land packages that are in emerging suburbs to dual occupancy solutions that allow you to make more than one income on one block, see how our team can assist you in making an investment possible for you.

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Suitable Packages

Option 1



Messina 21 Meridian Homes is offering a 4-bedroom double storey …

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Option 2

Home and land package customised to your dreams!



Talavera 22 With 4-bedrooms upstairs and a retreat upstairs as …

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Option 3



Porto Novo 19 On offer is a 4-bedroom double storey …

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Key points to remember

Building a new home is exciting and can seem overwhelming but remember these key points to help the process


Tell us exactly what you're looking for and a realistic budget, we then can work towards finding something suitable.


Chat to your financial institute about getting a pre-approval so you know exactly how much you can borrow and how the home loan process works.


Look at different suburbs and different home designs to see the various different options you have, as some suburbs have cheaper and bigger land but some suburbs are closer to schools and transport hubs.


Write down what is a must have, a want and future goal, this can help establish what you will need to build your home.


Work with your consultant to create realistic expectations of when your home will be ready and what the next steps of your build is before you begin.

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