When selecting a builder for your new home, there are many considerations you have to factor in; do you go for a completely custom home builder Sydney? Or do you stick to a project home builder?

As with anything in Sydney, the cost is a huge factor, while a completely custom home is ideal for everyone, not everyone’s budget can stretch that far. You can soon find yourself reverting back to project builders and preset floor plans, luckily at Meridian we want to make sure you have the best of both worlds so we offer custom home builder Sydney floorplans, the only difference? We use one of our 30-floor plans as the base plan to help reduce cost.

So, what should you consider when customizing a home from a floorplan? Here are our 3 tips to ensure you get the most out of your new home.

  • Consider future plans – Are the kids getting older and soon to move out? Will you have more family move in? Consider the lifetime you’ll spend in your home and how small changes could ensure you don’t have to renovate later on to accommodate changes in the family. A common addition is an extra bathroom under the stairs in a double story or a media room that could quite easily be transformed into a bedroom later on.
  • How do you live – When making your floorplan decide how you live, are you more into open plan living where the family interact with each other more or does everyone prefer their own private space? These decisions can dramatically change your floorplans by adding or removing hallways, walls or creating private spaces for things such as kids playrooms.
  • Storage, storage, storage – think about all the stuff you own right now, would you take it all with you to the new home? Would you buy more? Knowing your needs, look at what you own and see if you could fit it all in or customize your home to add extra cupboards and shelves to increase how much you can store.

By thinking about this and considering what you’ll mainly use your home for, getting a customized home via a floorplan can be a suitable fix. Contact us today to help you plan your new home with a custom home builder Sydney.