Knock Down Rebuild Fully Furnished Living Room.

Are you considering a knock down rebuild?

Here are some of the reasons our clients got in touch with our Knock Down Rebuild Sydney team:

– The family has outgrown their old home and want to make it functional again

– Wanting to retire and create additional income by building a duplex

– Families wanting to make their home multi-generational for their older parents

– Increase their property value

 Stages of a Knock Down Rebuild

Stage 1

Icon for stage one of a Knock Down Rebuild

Requesting an Estimate & Initial Site Inspection

This is where the dream begins. After the initial conversation, one of our New Home Consultants will book a time to come to your existing home and go through the options based on the size & orientation of the block as well as your living requirements.

Stage 2

Icon for stage two of a Knock Down Rebuild

Finalising your House Design & Inclusions

We spend time with you making sure that the design of the home is a perfect fit for your needs. The finishes and inclusions are
discussed in detail and you have the opportunity to make
modifications at this stage.

Stage 3

Icon for stage three of a Knock Down Rebuild

Tender Process

After the payment of a Tender Fee we engage a surveyor to survey the block, we prepare a concept plan and a Tender Proposal document. Importantly, we examine the local Council requirements to ensure we have compliance and may even
recommend a pre-lodgement
meeting, where necessary.

Stage 4

Icon for stage four of a Knock Down Rebuild

Building Contract

Your building contract will detail all of the agreed inclusions and scope of works. It is signed by both parties and a copy can be provided to your financed
institution if required.

Stage 5

Icon for stage five of a Knock Down Rebuild

Colour Selection

Now your new home will start to come to life. You will meet with our Colour Consultant who will help you to select the best colour schemes from some of the most trusted building material
suppliers in Australia.

Stage 6

Icon for stage six of a Knock Down Rebuild

Design & Approval

During this stage the dedicated team in Meridian Homes make all the preparations necessary for lodging to either a private certifier or Council directly. This includes full
architectural plans, energy certificate, engineering detail and much more. You will be kept informed throughout.

Stage 7

Icon for stage seven of a Knock Down Rebuild


We will advise you when the best time to remove the existing home is and once we receive proof of your funds being available then we will enter the construction phase of the process. For a more detailed outline of this stage please refer to our brochure “The Meridian Homes Building Process”.

Stage 8

Icon for stage eight of a Knock Down Rebuild


Now that your dream home is
complete, we will walk through your home with you and make sure that you have everything you need. After taking possession, you will have 13 weeks to identify and concerns that we will attend to, together with the peace of mind of 6 years
structural warranty.

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I love where I live and I want to upgrade, where do I begin?

At first glance it can seem daunting and overwhelming to demolish your house and rebuild something new. Luckily, Meridian Homes understand this and are here to guide you through each step to make it as stress-free and enjoyable experience as possible. Our specialist Knock Down Rebuild Sydney team will come to you, visit your site and look at things like the site orientation, accessibility, frontage, slopes and much more in order to determine the most suitable design for your existing block.

There are over 50 standard floorplans to select from including Single Storey, Double Storey, Granny Flat options as well Duplex and Dual Occupancy designs. We will tailor the design to suit both your budget and your lifestyle.

Harlow image


Modifications can be made to our existing plans to cater for this. We do however need to ensure that statutory requirements are being met as well as the design being suitable for the site that you are building on.

The answer is Yes. Although we don’t provide the demolition service directly we are able to coordinate licensed and trusted contractors that can complete this for you. This includes an all inclusive price to prepare the Demolition Application, disconnect and cap all services, remove and dispose of the existing home, and most importantly provide a Clearance Certificate prior to commencing construction.

If you choose to engage your own demolition contractor Meridian Homes strongly recommends to select a reputable company that have all the appropriate licenses and can provide you with a comprehensive written quote and necessary clearance certificates.

All knock down rebuild projects require a survey of the existing block by a registered surveyor. This helps us to determine the site conditions that we are working with as well as the neighbouring homes and is required to determine costs in the design of your new home. It will also identify service connection points on your site as well as any easements and any existing features, like, trees, sewer manholes, driveway position etc..

A soil test is also required to assist us in the design of the foundations of your new home. A soil test is the only way for us to determine what is under the surface and is required for a more accurate tender price.

We will also require the Section 149 Certificate for your property. The S149 is issued by the local Council and provides us with the necessary information about your zoning and the allowed uses of your property as well as any restrictions that there may be. This also includes the history of your property as well as easements, bushfire and flood information and all the relevant planning controls that we are required to adhere to.

Each project is different and influenced by the various factors, so in our experience proper planning early on will ensure the smoothest possible path. This is done by understanding the restrictions and gaining Council’s support upfront. The entire process from planning and investigation, through development approval, demolition  and actual construction can take roughly 12 months. This can be extended where the project requires any form of subdivision, interpretation of Council control plans or simply bad weather.

The investigations we perform early on goes a long way to identify known costs. Occasionally unforeseeable issues arise that need to be addressed and they might have an impact on either the home design and/or costs. Examples of this include: conditions imposed upon the development by Council; engineering detail that must be complied with e.g. hydraulic design; impact of energy efficiency certification (Basix).

We are a family owned company that takes the time to understand the needs of our customers. Our innovative designs suit most lifestyles and family situations and if it doesn’t then we can customise something specifically for you. Our team has extensive local market knowledge and will be there to help guide you through the process from start to finish.

We operate by priding ourselves on making right & fair decisions, treating others with professionalism and doing what we promise. We continually push the boundaries of construction techniques and materials whilst always maintaining a high level of quality and performance.

Mostly, we care about families, because we are one. We will help to make your dream a reality.

We currently offer our services in the following councils:

  • The Hills
  • Blacktown
  • Penrith
  • Camden
  • Campbelltown
  • Parramatta
  • Bankstown
  • Cumberland
  • Auburn
  • Liverpool
  • Fairfield
  • Sutherland
  • Ryde