Plan a New Home Build

When building a home, there are endless decisions you have to make. Where do I live? What kind of builder do I choose? Double or Single Storey?

We’ve written a new homes guide to help you figure out the top 3 things when beginning a new home build.

  1. Location, Location, Location – With the many newly created areas of Sydney it can be hard to pinpoint an area that is exactly what you’re looking for. Consider factors such as land size, locality to transport, amenities, schools and what future projects will be coming up. Focus on how long you aim to stay in your new homes and what you plan to do in that time – will this area still be suitable in 10 -15 years if that’s how long you want to be there?
  2. Dream Home Planning – What kind of home do you want? While we focus all on budget and ensure we can afford our homes, it is important to make sure it is a functional home. How many people will be living there? Do you entertain at home? Is it kid friendly? These questions can also assist you in choosing the right builder. Do they make family-friendly homes? Are their floor plans customisable to your needs?
  3. Expectations – While display homes are beautiful and definitely worthwhile checking out during the planning process as a visual aid, remember that they are just that, display homes, and they will feature many upgrades and styling choices to make a home appear more upscale. Are you going to want every upgrade in the home? Does it fit with your budget? How do client homes look in comparison to display homes? Managing expectations and learning simply styling tricks can ensure that when you get your new home, no nasty surprises will await.

After reading our new homes guide, are you ready to start planning your new home? We can help – contact us today to discuss your new home needs.