Benefits of new house and land packages
Benefits of new house and land packages

New House and land packages have been widely used in Australia as they are considered to be a convenient alternative when building a house. These packages are a simplified option for those seeking to invest in the property market. Investing in a new house and land package will locate you amongst the growing suburbs of Sydney. Buying land during the growth period will mean that your property will gain value as more infrastructure and amenities are built around it. 

Here are the Top 5 Benefits of New House and Land Packages:

Flexible Design 

The house and land packages come with many home designs that investors can choose from. From these designs, further changes can be made to the design as per your needs. In various different sizes and layouts, the array of options means that you can customise your home to suit your personal preferences. 

Whether it is to make the ceiling higher or expanding the size of a bathroom, customers can also choose to add on features to make the house more comfortable as well as maximise the investment potential. House and land packages are one of the easiest ways to buy a brand new house that is custom built to suit your or potential tenants’ needs. See the range of House and Land Packages we offer around Sydney’s North West, West, and South West suburbs.

packages for new house and land designs

Ready to Build

The building designs at Meridian Homes are checked for council approval so the house you choose, can be built straight away. If you’re considering revisions and customisations, we always cater to your liking, being as flexible as possible to achieve your dream home, within budget. Due to the checks being performed ahead of time, the process is much smoother for buyers opting for a house and land package rather than buying land, finding a builder, and creating a plan.

House and land package in Box Hill NSW
Floor plan for house and land package in NSW


If you are buying your first home, you may be eligible for the First Home Owners Grant, which entitles those building a new property to a $10,000 grant on homes worth up to $600,000. With a house and land package, stamp duty is only paid on the land, leading to additional cost savings.

Other perks that come with the first home owners grant include claiming tax deductions on new assets that will depreciate at a faster rate than older assets. These deductions mean that the investor will have lower out of pocket costs. 

Attract tenants 

Attracting quality tenants with new house and land packages

Having a newly built, high quality property will attract long term tenants, and will give you the ability to hold onto long term tenants at fair rental prices. House and land package properties are usually located in areas with amenities and infrastructure, and thus you will be able to provide a whole lifestyle to your tenants, not just a new house. 

Minimal Maintenance Expenses

Buying a brand new house will mean that you will have a warranty if there are any issues, and it will be easier to lease as it is likely to have few maintenance issues. Buying an existing property will inevitably come with faults and mishaps, that you won’t be aware of until after you’ve made your purchase.

Having an older structure may be subject to wear and tear or even just outdated in style, which is unlikely to attract tenants. New homes are built to higher, and stricter standards than in the past, which means that reputable builders will use high quality materials and your property will be built to last.

For more information on what to do next, see our 5 Step Process for Buying Affordable House and Land Packages. You can also contact us and one of our team members will get back to you.