What is a knockdown rebuild?

A knockdown rebuild allows homeowners to build a new house in the location they know to be home. They are able to build their dream home in their neighbourhood and start from scratch, customising the plan to suit their lifestyle.

Designing your own house with a knock down rebuild can offer all the benefits of a new contemporary home without having to move somewhere new or deal with the hassle of renovating.


What are the benefits?

It can be upsetting to leave a suburb with a great community and lifestyle. A knock down rebuild will allow you to stay in the suburb you love. For families, a knockdown rebuild would be less disruptive to children, as they wouldn’t need to move schools and leave their friends behind.

One of the main benefits of a knockdown rebuild is cost. A knockdown rebuild can often be more cost-effective than a renovation, which can be time-consuming and riddled with unforeseen complications. Depending on the scope of the design, it may, in fact, be faster to rebuild your house than to remodel an existing home. Opting for a knockdown rebuild would also help you to save on stamp duty, which you are required to pay for after purchasing a new block.

A knockdown rebuild also gives you free rein to design your own house that meets the unique needs of your family and lifestyle without needing to compromise on home features depending on the house’s existing structure. Starting anew with a knockdown rebuild means compromise less and giving yourself more options in terms of:

  • Floor plan and layout
  • Room size
  • Configuration of the kitchen and bathroom(s)
  • Finishes and fixtures
  • Leisurely inclusions (e.g. pools, spas, saunas)
  • Facade design


What you need to know before a rebuild?

What you need to know before a rebuild

A knock down rebuild is a big commitment, so it’s best to come prepared to give yourself less stress throughout the process. Before making any big, life-changing decisions, you must check with your local council about regulations related to demolition and rebuilding, as this will determine what you can and cannot do. We strongly suggest requesting the Section 149 (S149) Certificate for your property before consulting with a builder. The S149 Certificate is issued by your local council and provides your builder with all the necessary information about your property, including:

  • Permitted and prohibited uses of your land (‘zoning’)
  • Your property’s history
  • Bushfire and flooding information
  • Relevant planning controls (e.g. easements, overlays, and covenants)

You will need to get building approval – also known as building permits – from your local council or a registered private building surveyor before any construction work can begin. Getting building approval typically involves lodging a development application detailing how your house will be built, the technical specifications of the construction project, and how it will complies with the Building Code of Australia (BCA). Check with your builder to see if council approval fees are included in the price you have been quoted.

Other things to consider before your rebuild include:

  • Where you will be staying during the demolition and construction process
  • Finding a demolition company and arranging asset protection, if you choose to engage with your own demolition subcontractor
  • Disconnecting and capping your power and gas before demolition, which needs to be organised in advance with your utility company

 While we do not provide demolition services, Meridian Homes can help you find a licensed and reputable demolition contractor, prepare a demolition application and obtain a clearance certificate on your behalf.

What is a house and land package?

A house and land package allows buyers to choose a new home design on a block of land. It is often an ideal option for first home buyers and investors as the package, once quoted, is set at a fixed price.

Meridian Homes hand selects the best blocks in the most popular estates of Sydney and pairs them with contemporary home designs. Designing your own house with a house and land package means you’re able to ensure your new home suits your family and lifestyle needs. It can also bring financial confidence through the fixed price, low maintenance and repair expenses because of the guarantee of quality of the building.


How to choose your new house and land package?

1. Suburb

It’s all about location, location, location! First of all, decide where you would like to live. What suburb is the best place for your new home?

2. Design

Secondly, choose a home design from our huge range of 2 – 10 bedroom houses that suits you. Meridian Homes has a beautiful and modern home design range for all types of Australian homes.

3. Finishes

The final things you should consider when choosing your new house and land package are the inclusions, finishes and appliances.

Meridian Homes offers standard as well as smart series inclusions as a cost-effective option for interior and exterior features.

Designing Your New Home

When selecting your home design, it is important to know what you want from your new home and take note of how it will serve your changing needs in the future.

Start out by thinking about the house you live in now. What do you like about your existing home, and what would you change? Consider what kind of lifestyle you have and what kind of environment you would like to create in your new home. You may decide on a spacious, airy open plan layout to take advantage of natural sunlight and create an entertaining space, or you may prefer a closed off floor plan for more privacy and easier upkeep.

Create a list of your needs and wants for your new house. With a list, you can better communicate what kind of house is right for you to your builder and know where to compromise when necessary. Use our home builder design tool to get a better idea of what you want out of a knockdown rebuild, and whether your needs are met by existing home designs or require a custom design.


Building Vs Buying

Is designing your own house worth it?

Before making the decision to buy an existing property or design your own house with a house and land package or knock down rebuild, you should consider whether designing a new house is worth it and the best option for you and your family.

What are the benefits?

You are able to design and customise your new home to suit you. Homebuyers have the freedom to choose the area and block of land they want their new home to reside, as well as the floor plan, interiors, exteriors and built-in customisations. Discussing this with your builders can help you to choose features according to your budget.

First home buyers are eligible for First Home Owner Grant from the Australian Government. The builders will have expert knowledge on the planning requirements and regulations, with everything brand new, you have the guarantee of quality of your new home.


Getting Started

How to plan a new home build

Wooden Deck Floor

There are endless decisions and considerations when planning a new home build, so seeking help from the experts is the best move you can make. When you’re getting started, you need to decide on three main aspects of the process.

Location, home design, and expectations.

As simple as it may seem, there are many things you need to consider such as the size of the land, is the area close to schools and public transport?

Will the home design you choose suit the kind of home you want? How many people will be living there? Is it for a couple or family with children? Do you need space to entertain at home? Are the floor plans customisable to your needs?

Do the customisations, upgrades and styling choices fit into your budget? Are you building to Australian standards?

Our New Homes Guide can help you make a step in the right direction and start living in your dream home sooner.


Top 3 locations for designing your own house

Here, are some of our favourite suburbs that are perfect for designing your new house. Oran Park, Caddens and North Kellyville are new up and coming neighbourhoods with a variety of schools, shops, parks and public transport.

Oran Park is located in south-west Sydney modernised with beautiful lakes, libraries, cycleways, and churches. There are plans for a new leisure centre featuring swimming pools, basketball courts and gymnasiums, as well as a private hospital, convention centre and a children’s water park.

Caddens is located in the heart of western Sydney, where the average age of residents is 20-39, making it a young and exciting new neighbourhood for first home buyers.

North Kellyville is a new area off of the established Kellyville, located in the north west of Sydney with great options for public and Catholic schools, churches, shops and transport.