Hawkesbury MKIII

When deciding on your new home, it can be hard to choose a design. Space for everyone in the family, a place to entertain or the perfect spot for movie night can all be considerations for your new home but have you considered building a granny flat to add extra space?

The humble granny flat has transformed into a modern mini home, with optional features such as dishwashers, upgraded living areas and much more. The benefits of building a granny flat are endless but first, let’s look at the different type of granny flats you can choose from:  

The tamarind
The tamarind

Above is an attached granny flat featuring its own separate entrance. From the street view, the home appears as one dwelling but has the potential to house two.

Building a granny flat is ideal for those with a larger frontage but a smaller depth on their block. It also allows you to include a car space in with the granny flat that is completely separate to your own.

Blue Print of House Flat

Hawkesbury MKIII
Hawkesbury MKIII with a detached granny flat

Building a granny flat as seen above, is suitable for those with larger blocks, perfect for longer blocks of land, rear loaded blocks and corner blocks. A granny flat can be customized to suit your needs and land and can be made as a single storey dwelling to give you maximum privacy.

So why not just build an extra room in my house?

The benefit of building a granny flat is simply that life changes; as your kids grow up, family members get older or you need extra income, having the ability to cater to these needs but also keep your privacy and not have to sacrifice space ensures that when you build your home, you’re building a home that also grows with you.

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