B/W Knock Down Rebuild Image

Is your home looking a bit run down, needing a revamp and you’re thinking about moving or renovations? While the results can create a beautiful home, knock down rebuild homes might be more beneficial, and here’s why:

    1. Everything is brand new  – When you demolish and rebuild your home, it’s not just a cosmetic fix. Areas you may not have thought about such as pipes and wiring also are brand new.
    1. Stay in the location you love – Close to the kids’ school? Have an awesome restaurant near you? With knockdown rebuild homes you can stay in your already established neighbourhood.
    1. Upsize or downsize – The choice is yours, double or single storey? Prefer a big alfresco area? These changes can be made to your floor plan and your home can be customized to suit your living style.
    1. Add an additional dwelling and potential income – If your land is big enough you have the option of turning your home into a duplex or add a granny flat to create extra income.
    1. Bring the family together – Got kids struggling to find their first home? Elderly family members wanting to move in? Create space for them and make your house multigenerational.
    1. Don’t have to be a renovator – Sometimes simplicity is key, with a Knock Down Rebuild, you don’t have to become a handyman and will have every part of your demolition and rebuild looked after.
    1. You don’t have to deal with the council – knock down rebuild homes can be privately certified and handled by our in-house design team on your behalf.
    1. Use your equityCreate the home you’ve always wanted by using already generated equity on your land instead of buying a new home at market price.
    1. Less stress – Allow your life to continue as normal while your site supervisor looks after the build for you, with open lines of communication you’ll always be up to date with what is happening with your build.
  1. Build a home that suits your style – With knock down rebuild homes, you can build a home that suits your tastes. Without needing approval from developers on the look and feel of your home.

Ready to learn more about the knockdown rebuild homes process? Contact us today to begin your journey.