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You’ve heard the term duplex floating around but don’t really know much about them, or maybe you’ve seen duplex house designs and plans being advertised and it sparked your interest but don’t know the advantages of a duplex house over a regular detached house. Well, we’re here to shed some light on the subject so you can make a concise and informed choice when looking to build your first home, invest in the housing market for the first time or expand your existing portfolio.

So what is a duplex? In Australia, a duplex is two houses that share a centralised common wall. Both come with all the usual utilities, amenities and attributes of a regular detached house, including an entrance, driveway, kitchen, bathrooms, and backyard. They also each have a separate mailing address. Duplexes come in various shapes, sizes, and designs however a commonality you’ll find amongst most duplex home designs, is that each home in the pair is a mirrored image of each other.

Duplex House Designs And Plans Front View Duplex

What Makes Duplex House Designs So Popular

It seems pretty straight forward, but what makes duplex home designs and plans so popular? Well, there are a few key points we wanted to share to help that decision making process we spoke about earlier, easier.


Simply put, duplex plans work out more cost-efficient. Duplexes have the added benefit of being two homes on a singular block of land. This is extremely valuable if investing as it unlocks the potential to make double the return on investment. Also, many duplex house designs and plans will fit on smaller or narrower blocks of land, and a smaller block of land translates to a more economical initial price. While duplex home designs and prices vary from project to project, When it comes to upfront cost and return on investment, a duplex is an unsung hero!

Valuable Learning

Building a duplex is a great introduction to the property market. Not only does it allow you to earn either one or two income revenue streams, if you do choose to live in one of the homes, you can keep a keen and close eye on your investment, your tenants, and the condition it’s kept in. Add to these factors the ability to self manage the property (collect rent and filter tenants) you’re left with more overall control of the property and have learned new valuable skill sets in doing so.

Maximised Potential

If you’re looking to build in 2023, a duplex home design plan may very well be a smart move. Duplex house designs and plans maximise the use of space on your land. Filling your land with two houses means very little to no waste, directly resulting in a reduction of landscaping and maintenance required cutting costs and time. The return on investment is also maximised, especially if you choose to rent both homes out. Two rental incomes from one piece of land, how can you lose? Duplex houses are synonymous with producing exponential growth and more often than not strong rental yields, especially when compared to detached properties. With the market being so strong, look at building a duplex design house to receive an excellent return.

Option friendly

The ways your duplex can be utilised are virtually endless, If choosing not to rent it out you could let friends and family stay when needed or keep a close eye on elderly parents, all without compromising privacy. In the same manner, you could use the duplex as a location for small business or practice, which is seemingly more professional than the same setup in the family home


Duplex houses also offer more flexibility in terms of layout and design than traditional single-family homes. Duplex home designs can be adapted to a variety of lot sizes and shapes and can be designed to fit a wide range of budgets. Duplex houses can also be configured intuitively to suit various living arrangements.

With many people looking to invest in property in 2023, and with its overwhelming potential as a sound investment, it’s little wonder a duplex is very appealing. We believe the pros far outweigh the cons when it comes to building a duplex, and that’s why we choose to offer so many duplex house designs and plans. If you’re curious about duplex home designs, plans and prices, click here to discover our range or chat to us live now for more information.