Block Of Land Empty Field

Buying a block of land to build your new dream home on can be daunting and confusing. With so many legal and structural things to consider, it is important that you are fully informed before buying land and building your dream home.

Here are the top 8 things you should consider before purchasing your block of land:

Legal considerations

When buying a block of land you should be aware of any legal factors that could affect your build, and it is best to be aware of these before purchasing the block of land in case any of these legalities turn into deal breakers.

Approval to build

Before landowners are allowed to build, they need to get building or development approval. This approval could potentially prevent you from developing the land the way you want so it is important to ask about the block of land and its potential before purchasing.


An easement may affect where you can and cannot build on your block of land. This is because third parties such as electricity or water authorities may need to access your land. If there are any easements in place, it is important to know about them as it may affect your building designs and overall vision for your block of land.


One of the most important things to consider before buying land is the real estate mantra – “location, location, location”. The choice of location will largely depend on the lifestyle you’re looking for. If you are a young family it’s important to consider things like schools zones and public transport, whereas if your dream home is for retirement. you might be happier living somewhere quieter and the location of amenities may not be a concern for you.

Additionally, you should check if your land is located in a bushfire or flood zone. You should check with your developer and local council to verify bushfire and flood risk as these areas will seriously affect your ability to obtain finance for the project, plus impact insurance costs.


Building a house that is energy efficient will benefit not only your wallet but the planet as well. This is why paying attention to the orientation of your block of land is important. If you have a north-facing block you are ensuring that your house will get a lot of natural light and warmth in winter, and in summer the house can easily be protected from the heat. Basically, having a house built with optimal orientation will result in considerable savings on the energy bills in the long run.

Size and Shape

The design of your house will largely depend on the size and shape of the land you buy. Ask yourself these questions before you buy a block of land to ensure it is right for you:

  • Do you want to subdivide?
  • Do the land dimensions fit the plans you have?
  • Are you going to extend the house later?
  • What is best for resale?

Knowing these things before you start looking will help you choose the best block for your needs.


You need to know if key utility services are available on your block of land. These include power, water, sewerage, gas, internet and telephone. By asking your land developer these questions before purchasing, you avoid having any unwanted surprises down the line. Making sure you are fully aware of your utilities also allows you to budget in connection costs.

Soil Quality

Soil testing your block of land is one of the most basic things you should do before purchasing. You’re basically checking that everything under the ground is just as good as what’s on the surface. The test looks at the physical and chemical characteristics of the soil to determine safety, stability and land retention of the block. Good soil composition will help minimise the cost of building a sturdy foundation and any problems that could arise in the future

The Terrain

It is important to take note of the terrain on the block in order to anticipate any extra costs you may face. If the block is steep, levelling or construction can be more costly. Likewise, the cost of removing trees or excavating rocks needs to be considered as an extra expense and factored into your budget.

The Type of Home You Want to Build

Who are you building this house for? If you are a family with children you might want a backyard with multiple bedrooms, while retirees or young professions may need something more low maintenance. accordingly, decide whether the block of land can be adapted to your needs.

If you factor in each of these things when looking at a block of land and it ticks all the important boxes, it might just be the one for you! You can rest easy knowing that you’ve done your research and will hopefully avoid any unexpected surprises or expenses when you start building. Alternatively, you can let Meridian homes do all the hard work for you! We have a range of house and land packages available, and also various house designs to suit your land needs with experience building on corner blocks and narrow lots.