6 Stages Of Building A House Aerial View Of House Framework

While being a very exciting and rewarding experience, building a house can also seem overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time. The key to getting the most out of the experience is to research and plan as much as possible. Be aware of the process, get involved and stay informed and up to date during the process. With that in mind, we thought we’d run you through the process and stages of building a house.

Stage 1: Excavation And Foundations

This process involves excavation, clearing and levelling of the land. The level of work required is dependent on the block of land you have purchased. A flatter block of land will require significantly less excavation work than a sloping block, which may require retaining walls to help provide a flat surface. From here the concrete slab is poured producing the foundations of the house. All subsequent utilities like plumbing and electrical are planned for before the slab is poured to facilitate them later in the process. You should be able to see the floor plan of your new home at this point. This process can take 1-4 weeks.

Stage 2: Framework

Once the slab is poured and you can see the floor plan of your house, it’s time to build up. This is usually the most recognisable stage of a new home build. Frames are either made of timber and form the wall skeletons. The frames are put up by a carpenter but other tradesmen will also be present to install the essentials like pipes and electrical cables. While the physical walls won’t be up yet, you’ll definitely get a better sense of the layout of your new home, walking around with the frames up. Roof trusses also go up at this stage. This is the last stage where weather conditions can slow down the process.

6 Stages Of Building A House Aerial View Of House Framework

Stage 3: Bring In The Bricks

Now that things have taken shape its time for the exterior to start taking. shape. Your siding is applied here. Siding is whatever material you have chosen for the exterior of your house, whether it be bricks or various other options. Your house is starting to look livable now, with the roof tiles, windows and gutters going in. Doors are put on to provide security during the night. It’s now time to move onto the interior.

Stage 4: Internal time

We are nearing the end of the build and getting to the fun part. All internals start going in including insulation followed by plasterboard walls and ceilings. All pipes and electrical are finished off along with phone lines and internet wiring. The carpenter is back taking care of skirting and doors. Utilities and amenities then start going in. Bathrooms are built with showers, bathtubs, toilets and sinks being installed as well as a tiler doing their part. The Kitchen also starts taking shape with appliances going in.

Step 5: Final Touches

At this point your new home’s personality comes to life, unique touches are applied, painting inside and out is completed, kitchens and bathrooms finished and other decorative touches are taken care of. Exterior finishings like driveways paving and landscaping and fencing also goes in now.

Step 6: Inspection

Final inspection is the last of the stages of building a house. During the final inspection of the property, you should make sure everything is clean and up to standard. All rubbish and debris should have been removed and your property should now resemble the home you’ve been patiently waiting for and dreaming of.

To make the whole process seamless and as easy as possible you need to go with an experienced builder you can trust. Rest assured Meridian Homes are those builders, we provide guidance through every step and make things as easy as possible from your end, helping you build your dream home without the stress. Contact us now and we can help guide you through the process further.