Latest Home Design Trends Open Living Space

If you’re looking to build or renovate in 2021, it’s important that you understand the latest home design trends so that your investment stands firm against the current market. We outline some of the key design elements to consider when undertaking your home design project this year.

The Rise of Muted Colour

Colour palettes that embrace earth tones like soft terracotta, stone hues and metal ores are going to be making a comeback. Grounding palettes like this often work well with light-filled homes or neutral-hued interior walls and have a tactile dryness that reflect the Australian environment, including the bush or desert. Dulux has also named Brave Ground, an earthy beige colour as being their 2021 Colour of the Year.

Latest Home Design Trends Open Living Space

Antibacterial Materials

Hygiene has become a priority this year and it wouldn’t be surprising to see it become much more prominent in our homes. Expect to see things like touchless flushing, automatic washing basins and even infrared sensors. Anything that could potentially reduce touching, is likely to become a trend. This could be done through the use of technology, which will help to rocket the touchless movement even more.

Shapes and Forms that Reference Primitive Minimalism

It’s also expected that there is going to be a rise in caveman aesthetics or rustic minimalism. This is going to reflect the psychological state that comes with experiencing lockdown during coronavirus. Aesthetically this means going back to basics. Mass manufacturing was once celebrated for basic products, but that’s not going to happen in 2021. The rejection of a disposable culture has been replaced with the desire to seek ethically produced products that are artisan-made. More and more people are seeking imperfect pieces that are enduring and robust. Some of the things that you should expect to see include things on an exaggerated scale or furniture which is chunky. Having seating that is deeply patterned and generously proportioned is also likely.

Functional and Adaptable Layouts

It’s safe to say during lockdown that people have realised the importance of having a home that can change and adapt to the times. More and more houses are being created with this in mind as people want to have a multipurpose room that can help them to make the most out of the square footage in their home. You may start to notice more non-permanent walls that can be moved or rooms that can be closed off as needed. Schools and business facilities have been adopting layouts like this for quite some time, but now it is starting to cross over into family homes.

A Focus on Nature

If you have made it through lockdown without having an outdoor area, then you will know how important nature is. Outdoor areas are set to be much more desirable and architects are now reporting a very high demand for designs that connect the indoor space with the outdoors.

Subdued Aesthetics

In the near future, homes are going to be approaching a more down-to-earth look. Think calming décor that is able to promote balance and wellness. De-cluttered spaces are very helpful, both mentally and physically. Shimmering metallics, such as copper are going to be on the rise. Copper is antimicrobial and therefore going to certainly increase in popularity. Some interior design experts believe that black is going to act as a rival colour to copper in the bathroom and in the kitchen. Neutral colours such as earth tones and simple minerals are going to be making a comeback as well. As mentioned above, this could include the rise of chunky shapes and elemental patterns.

Sustainable Upgrades

Water efficiency and energy savings are going to influence building designs and the materials that are used in 2021. 40% of heat escapes from the home through the window and double glazing can help to reduce total heat loss by 30%. Building regulations in Australia could well push towards greener building methods as this will facilitate an increased level of energy efficiency while also reducing the total reliance on climate control. At the end of 2019, tough water restrictions came into place and this is going to be on a lot of homeowner’s minds. Taps and showerheads which reduce water consumption are going to be on the rise and it would seem that this is going to have a huge impact on the home market in general.

All of the latest home design trends we have mentioned are expected to have a huge impact on the home design market. It’ll be interesting to see where we go from here, but at the end of the day, it looks like the focus is going to be on sustainability, energy efficiency and anti-bacterial innovations.