Timber accent home
  1. Timber accent

    Timber accents are becoming increasingly popular as they are a sustainable and aesthetic option to modernise a conservative house design. An element of timber will add a natural feel to your house, as well as dress up the exterior, and provide a warmer, and more homely feeling. Whether it’s on your garage door, or on the balcony, timber cladding is versatile and will allow your house to blend in well with multiple other materials that you choose to use for your house. Whether you prefer a new polished look or a rustic weathered finish, timber comes in a wide variety of colours and finishes, which you can select to fit your house best. Not only does it go with various house designs, but it is also sustainable as a natural material, as it produces a significantly lower carbon footprint than other construction materials, which require higher processing.

    Timber Accent House Design
  2. Mixing Materials

    Mixing various materials will give your house a unique edge that will set you apart from the other houses around you. A recent trend new developments around Sydney is to feature facades that give a modern street appeal. Different textures will give your house dimension, and character, which many suburban houses are currently lacking. Many modern homes have the ability to feel too cold, so mixing them with traditional materials can soften the overall vibe of the house whilst still creating a unique house customised to your style.

    customized house
  3. Asymmetrical Designs

    Asymmetrical house designs can be difficult to pull off and have the potential to look clumsy, however when done right, they can add a whole different element to your house. Straying away from traditional features can add interest and personality to your house. Designing your own façade will give you the opportunity to explore your creativity, and feel inspired by the house you have created. Having a balanced scheme of minimalist colours, shapes and textures will leave you with a well-rounded design, without it feeling chaotic.

  4. Large windows

    Large windows are such a staple feature when designing your new house. There is nothing better than natural light to really open up a room and enhance spaciousness. Living in a small house with many people, especially children can make a room feel chaotic, however having large windows, will make a room feel bigger, as well as calmer with nature’s presence. Not only do they function aesthetically, but large windows are energy efficient in both providing light and heat.

    home with large windows
  5. Monochromatic

    We all know the cliché saying, “less is more”, but when it comes to exterior house furnishes, less is really more. Monochromatic exteriors are a great option for those who are all about minimalism. Using various shades and textures of the same colour can make for a very sleek and simple design. Minimalism can transform the overall vibe of your house to enrich a sense of calmness and tranquillity that houses with clashing elements might not have.

  6. Skillion Roof

    A skillion roof, also known as a sloping roof is a simple and contemporary design for roofs of modern homes. They fit in exceptionally well with modern design schemes for an industrial, yet minimalist look. As skillion roofs were mainly constructed on sheds, this style will give your house that modern industrial vibe, without taking away any cosiness or warmth from the interior. Their simple uniqueness makes them elegant without being expensive or flashy.

    skillion roof modern homes
  7. Cubist Architecture

    Geometric house designs are innovative and can emanate your personality into your house. Cubist designs go with all different sizes and are great for maximising floor space, making it a very popular design for individuals with contemporary tastes. Cubist architecture also makes for high ceilings, and open floor plans, which are perfect for those who love natural light, entertaining, or just a larger feel. As this form of architecture can feel sterile and bleak when use with certain colours, mixing materials as previously mentioned, will bring textural accents to your house.


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